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It’s Monday again and there’s more buzz going around about Google’s purchase of Motorola, the UK government’s recent stance on social media, and acquisitions across the board.

In the analysis and optimization sector, we’ve got some analysis of other reasons why Google purchased Motorola, link wheels, QR codes, and more.


  • We start the week with something a little alien to the create section: an analysis of Google’s purchase of Motorola and how this is going to affect Google’s long term strategy. Forrester points out that one of the key roles that Motorola holds is that of the dominant set top box manufacturer. Google is playing with Google TV, but the barriers to the set top box (STB) market lie in the lack of acceptance of expensive STB’s, meaning limited adoption of a STB model. If Google controls the major STB manufacturer, implementing Google TV into most set top boxes will be a cinch.
  • A little more usual: we have 25 jquery scripts for creating tooltips.