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Its Monday roundup time again. Of note this week is the announcement of the shutting down of Alexa Web Search, NASA’s Extra-Terrestrial web protocols, and the head of the FCC announcing that he wants a free publicly owned wireless network for the US. Come on Canada, if there has ever been a time to follow in the US’s footsteps.

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 Miscellaneous links of the week:
  • The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Kevin Martin, the outgoing FCC Chairman, is pushing for a free wireless internet service for all Americans. He also specifically notes that it will be pornography free, though I’m not sure how they will enforce that without turning it into some kind of AOL walled garden. I’m sure this is already scaring the pants off the telecom industry, what with the widespread use of iPhones and PDAs and the prevalence of VOIP software.
  • And one more here just because this is too cool. According to Internet News NASA is testing a network layer technology that can withstand space communication. They’ve named it Disruption Tolerant Networking, and according to the article it works by sending and storing data across router systems. Apparently standard packet delivery is cumbersome over extra-terrestrial distances. Who’da thought?.

That’s it for this week. If you have any stories for next week, submit them in the comment section.


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