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Over the coming weeks I will be creating a series of blog posts and screencasts to help users of Google Analytics become power users by getting more actionable data out of their analytics.

The first series of blog posts and screen casts will cover the most valuable GA reports and how to use them.

Some of the reports that will be covered are:

  • Traffic Sources: AdWords/Campaings – to optimize campaigns (PPC, email, banner…)
  • Traffic Sources: AdWords/Ad Versions – to optimize ad creative
  • Traffic Sources: AdWords/Keyword Positions – to optimize bid position
  • Traffic Sources: AdWords – to optimize ROI
  • Traffic Sources: Source and Medium – to optimize campaigns
  • Content: Site Search – to optimize results returned and discover new terms for PPC campaigns
  • Content: Site Overlay – to optimize page layout
  • Content: Top Content – identify pages with problems and opportunities
  • Goals: Overview – monitizing goals and measuring engagment
  • Goals: Funnel Visualization – to optimize your conversion funnels
  • ECommerce: Overview Report – to optimize product campaigns
  • Visitor: Map Overlay – to geo-target campaigns

The second series of blog posts and screencast will cover custom implementations to track items like:

  • Page Load Times
  • Mailto: Clicks
  • Tracking Error Pages and Broken Links
  • Outgoing Links Clicked
  • Tagging Embedded Links within Digital Assets
  • Campaign URL Building for landing page tracking
  • Setting the Collection Sample Rate (default is to track all traffic)


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