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People are always asking us: which digital analytics platform should we be using? They’re hoping there is a simple, cut-and-dried method for figuring out whether they should be using the free Google Analytics platform, Google Analytics Premium, Adobe Analytics, IBM Digital Analytics, Webtrends, Piwik, or another tool.

“But which one is best?” – We get that a lot too.  The truth is that none of these tools can simply be ranked from “best to worst” – any one of them could be the perfect fit depending on the needs of your organization.

Our newest whitepaper, “A Marketer’s Guide to Finding the Right Analytics Solution,” provides an overview of the major analytics platforms and offer insights into ways you can optimize your solution with the right skills, process, and best practices.  It also outlines the costs and opportunities of switching platforms, and suggest cases when it may be better to re-deploy your existing platform instead of switching to a new one.

Download the whitepaper.