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Why choose one analytics platform over another? Knowing what you can achieve with some of the best-in-class analytics platforms and tying those capabilities to your organization’s goals is a fundamental step to becoming a truly data-driven business.

On July 14, Cardinal Path’s Co-founder and Senior Partner Dave Eckman presented a 45 minute webinar on the top web analytics platforms and how they can help you generate business value. Watch the webinar on-demand to get a high-level understanding of the benefits of the free Google Analytics platform vs. Google Analytics Premium or Adobe Analytics, and to learn how to choose a solution that aligns with your organization’s goals.

On-demand webinar: Markter's guide to Finding the Right Analytics Platform

Dave provided an expert, product-agnostic overview of the best-in-class analytics solutions on the market and more, including:

  • good fits between specific platforms and organization types
  • how to know when a platform isn’t working for you anymore
  • switching costs and opportunities you may not be aware of
  • why your platform may not be the problem

As always, the audience of 280+ was very engaged and asked some great questions. If you are interested in seeing the webinar and hearing the Q&A, you can access the recording here.


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