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Last Thursday, released their series of  Tutorials for Google AdWords presented by our own David Booth.  This 17 part series explains how to leverage the advertising potential of Google AdWords to reach out to the massive Google Search audience.

From the site:

The course also provides an introduction to paid search advertising, an overview of the AdWords platform and interface, and lessons on keyword research, conversion tracking, and campaign optimization.

Topics include:

  • Understanding paid search advertising terms and definitions
  • Creating an account and your first campaign
  • Targeting locations, languages, and other demographics
  • Writing effective text ads and using image ad formats
  • Making ads stand out with extensions
  • Setting and managing advertising budgets
  • Understanding bidding options
  • Researching, organizing and adding keywords
  • Understanding advertiser requirements and your quality score
  • Installing conversion tracking code and integrating with Google Analytics
  • Optimizing ads using dynamic keyword insertion
  • Ad split testing and landing page testing
  • Working with the Offline Editor

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