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When it comes to SEO, links are obviously a major determinant of high rankings. Most link campaigns consist of either reciprocal link exchanges or paid text links. While these techniques work effectively, one thing that you may want to look into is acquiring one-way from links from community and non profit organizations.

If your company has done some work for charitable organizations then it would be worth your time to contact them and ask if they could place a link back to you on their website. If you haven't done any charity work in the past you may want to volunteer your services in return for a link. This way you can give back to your community and help your website at the same time.

Perhaps your company is an active member of the city you live in. Talk to the administrators of official city websites as quite often they have an area for resources that they deem valuable to city residents.

Industry associations are another great way of gaining links. If you belong to an industry that has a variety of different clubs and associations, you may want to register your company. Quite often when you sign up you will get a link back to your website. These clubs can not only help build links to your site but can also generate business through networking. So if you haven't done so already take advantage of community organizations and industry associations as they are great sources of one-way links.