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Cardinal Path is a Klipfolio Partner

Cardinal Path is a Klipfolio PartnerYou can now create powerful interactive dashboards for Google Analytics in less than three minutes with KlipStart from Klipfolio. Start customizing and integrating new data sources with a full-featured free trial of the Klipfolio.

With the advent of Google Universal Analytics, we’ve seen several of our clients grow their digital analytics maturity to the next level. I recently hosted a webinar (available on-demand) where I shared five reasons to prioritize your move to Google Universal Analytics.

The new platform is fantastic, but honestly, if there’s one area where Google Analytics may be slightly limited, it’s their dashboard capabilities. Marketing analysts can sometimes be challenged by a lack of flexibility with data visualization, ad-hoc segmenting and filtering, and most importantly, the ability to merge Google Analytics data with other sources—to create powerful actionable dashboards.

But there are solution alternatives. Particularly, I am a strong supporter of what Klipfolio is doing with their new KlipStart for Google Analytics. In just a few short minutes, users can easily create a dashboard reflecting key metrics from Google Analytics. This is value above and beyond the built-in dashboards. This gives users the ability to set targets and dynamically see how they are performing against them. This is a fantastic starting point for several reasons:

  • it gives users a glimpse of the Klipfolio platform effectiveness in extracting Google Analytics data
  • users can get powerful examples of visualizations with real data—your data
  • it allows users to test drive the entire platform, including interactions with data imports, changing formulas and “klips” for a two-week time period.

Cardinal Path is a trusted Klipfolio partner.  We have proven success with our clients and Klipfolio, on a variety of projects resulting in operational improvements and insight into data—for strategic performance.



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