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joel-blue-v2Well, 2013 was a great year for E-Nor, as we successfully helped organizations across the globe, from data-driven start-ups to Fortune 25, become efficient with their data. Going into the new year, we’re pleased to announce the addition of yet another industry standout, Joel Michael, who will continue with us on this journey of advocating business improvement through data-based optimization. Joel will be establishing E-Nor’s presence in Portland, Oregon, while serving our clients around the world as a Digital Analytics Consultant.

Analytics Consultant Experience

In the late 1990’s, Joel began his career in small startup advertising agencies in the Dayton, Ohio area during the “dot com” boom. His early focus on email marketing naturally led him to a deep interest in measurement and analysis. When simply getting the message to an audience was a challenge, Joel was building advanced databases to segment recipients into groups based on their behavior. For clients such as (at the time) NCR’s Teradata division, he empowered globally distributed salespeople while delivering insight to their marketing staff, putting the entire team on the same page and allowing for consistent and targeted messaging.

For other clients, he simply made sense of their data. An industry leader in the manufacture of temperature measurement sensors looked to Joel to organize and analyze data from annual sales surveys. Improvements in nearly every metric were achieved for every year he was involved with the project.

His agency work for both large and small clients has earned him several awards, including two regional ADDY’s (American Advertising Federation Awards), for teams led by Joel in both Indianapolis and Dayton.

Analytics Through the Eyes of a Practitioner

At the same time, Joel was also applying his marketing and analytical skills toward improving the community through various neighborhood non-profit associations. Managing communications for a nationally designated historic neighborhood raised new questions about engagement, content and interaction within a tightly defined group of people. Seeking answers, Joel looked to a career in higher education to better understand how a community of students, staff and faculty interact as their digital relationships with the institution changed over time. While working in higher education, he was able to help implement several content management systems (CMS) and integrated them with analytics applications and customer/student relationship management systems (CRM/SRM).

Best of Both Worlds

Having worked as both a consultant in an agency setting, as well as in-house practitioner in higher educational institutions, Joel has a well-rounded understanding of the digital marketing and analytics. From the perspective of a consultant, he understands objectively what needs to be done to create a functioning, data-driven culture with a focus on insights and actions, yet as a practitioner, he also understands the internal needs and challenges clients may run into.

Data Visualization

Joel has a Degree in Communication Design which helps him clearly place actionable information into clients’ hands. Whether it’s graphing results on a whiteboard during a meeting or producing detailed reports, he understands which methods plant key concepts into the appropriate person’s mind have helped move clients and employers forward efficiently.

“Nothing excites me more than when a chart, graph, or infographic lights up an executive’s eyes and prompts them to say, ‘Let’s go.'”

Digital Marketing Power-house

From his variety of experiences, Joel developed a broad range of expertise when it comes to digital marketing, including: print and web design, technology integration, project management and strategic planning, among other strengths. Joel also has a strong business background, having spent the past 10 years as Partner and Web Development & eMarketing Consultant for Inbox Logic. This micro business provides web design and marketing focused on digital media, data collection and analysis while advising executive and IT teams on ways to incorporate current technology to drive marketing, sales, and business-growth goals.

Joel recently moved to Portland, Oregon from Dayton, Ohio with his wife Danielle, and their two cats. According to Joel, they are doing their part to “Keep Portland Weird” while bringing some good old Midwestern values with them.

We look forward to working with Joel and continuing to expand the growth of E-Nor.


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