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With mobile devices and tablets now dominating our lives, most organizations have a mobile version or accompanying app. In some cases, mobile versions and apps even get more traffic than their corresponding desktop sites! While still necessary, standard desktop websites are slowly becoming…well… less standard. So, naturally, Mobile Analytics is the upcoming craze to understand exactly what’s happening on these sites and apps.

Yet it remains a challenge and mystery for many marketers to make sense of. Using familiar web analytics strategies don’t really apply anymore. Mobile usability is different in nature from traditional web browsing. The layouts are different, so information is presented in different areas of the screen. Navigation is often simplified. The actual physical use and behavior (touch screens) are different (swiping is completely different from scrolling). All these differences affect the nature of user-behavior, and thus, measuring strategies need to be adjusted accordingly.

Google Universal Analytics for Mobile Analytics

TiVo faced this challenge specifically with the launch of their mobile app. They wanted to attack it head-on, but using their existing log-based tracking solution to accommodate mobile tracking required quite a bit of customizations, which means cost with no guarantee that it would even work.

We helped TiVo to create a novel measurement solution using features specific to Universal Analytics (in Google Analytics) – leveraging metrics unique to user-behavior and mobile devices. E-Nor proposed a solution leveraging Custom Dimensions in Universal Analytics to capture many of the visitor-level data elements TiVo wanted to analyze, such as device and user-environment details as a baseline for reporting user behavior. Analytics Events were architected to track very granular elements, including screen, button, link, click, and so on. Such comprehensive measurement model allowed the client to gain valuable insights about user behavior across devices and the performance of the app.

With the data reports in hand, TiVo was able to increase their mobile app sessions and screen views by over 40%!!!

Checkout the actual case study released by Google earlier this year by downloading it or reading it on Google Think.

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