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Last evening wasn’t just the evening of the first presidential debate of the 2012 election, it was also the first-ever GAUGE Hacknight & Google Analytics Application Showcase at the Boston 2012 GAUGE conference.

We were honored to present our campaign tagging application, named “CampaignAlyzer”, in the event along with other great companies and products and we were humbled to have taken home the Audiences’ Choice Award!

Products participated in the event:


Our Marketing Analyst, Charles Farina, did a great job presenting and demoing the tool to the conference audience whom generously granted us their trust at the end of the presentations.

About CampaignAlyzer:

CampaignAlyzer is a web-based application that acts as a central repository platform where organizations can store their marketing campaign values in one database. Marketing agencies and digital marketers across an organization now have the ability to collaborate in tagging various online and offline campaigns, and ensure consistency in their campaign tagging.

Main Features:

  • Bulk Campaign Management: Ability to import and export campaigns from and into Excel, CSV and tab delimited files
  • Attribution Model: CampaignAlyzer provides the option to attribute the online conversions to the very first campaign or the most recent one
  • Analytics-Tool Agnostic: This application has the flexibility to use any campaign tracking variables in addition to the default Google Analytics UTM parameters
  • URL Shortener: CampaignAlyzer utilizes the Google URL shortening service for easy URL sharing and distribution across social media and other marketing channels
  • Role-Based Access: CampaignAlyzer allows account owners and administrators to easily set up any number of users and grant them the account access privileges desired. Users are either 1) administrators who have full access to all campaigns and account settings 2) editors who can add, remove and edit campaigns or 3) read-only users who can simply view reports.
  • Easy Access: We understand that users of CampaignAlyzer are power users of Google Analytics and they already have a Google account to sign in to their Analytics Account. We also understand that they might not be interested in adding a new username and password to their already long list of account login credentials. Keeping this in mind, we have designed the app to allow users to sign in to CampaignAlyzer using their existing Google accounts.

To learn more about CampaignAlyzer:


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