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Big week in the tech world with Seminars for Success having their first Vancouver seminar, and one upcoming for Victoria in a few weeks. Also a big reveal about Facebook (rather ironically) hiring a marketing firm to produce some bad press surrounding Google’s data privacy. I just can’t make this stuff up, it’s too good.

This week we have new hacker tricks with the canonical tag, paraphrase based indexing,  International SEO, and more…


  • Apparently there’s a new hacking goal for black hat SEOs that’s going around. Now hackers are breaking onto pages and setting the canonical tag to point to other, spammy pages. Since it doesnt have an obvious effect on the page in question, it’s hard to notice. However, from what I understand, the canonical tag doesn’t *really* direct anything. It’s more of a suggestion than a device for moving linkjuice around, because if it did have a hard effect it would be too easy to abuse.