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When Avinash Kaushik suggested the three greatest survey questions ever in April 2007, iPerceptions proposed the free 4Q survey:

  1. What is the purpose of your visit to our website today?
  2. Were you able to complete your task today?
  3. If you were not able to complete your task today, why not?
  4. What is your overall satisfaction level?

You certainly don’t need an academically backed up study to see the elegance and simplicity of listening to what your visitors have to say – thousand of site owners realized that and impemented the free 4Q tool.

Fast forward 2011: iPerceptions 4Q Suite is born

I’ve been one of the early beta testers of the next generation of 4Q:

  • more tailoring of the survey, be it the questions, how the invitation is presented, its design or features
  • easy multi-site, multi-survey and multi-language handling
  • Google Analytics data push or pull so you can easily merge behavioral and attitudinal data
  • ability to collect comments and email to engage the conversation
  • social media links and even the ability to put promos on your survey (for example, as a thank you gift)
  • benchmarking by verticals or other criteria
  • automated alerts and reports emailing
  • and, probably most important, amazingly powerful analysis capabilities

New interface and capabilities

Notice the new slick interface – much better navigation than the previous version and the new dashboard is very intuitive and easily convey the most important info. My only negative is the dialer – a very poor visualization and in this specific case, its control limits are pre-defined. Why four colors instead of red, yellow, green? Why is green between 50% and 75%?

One of the new feature is the ability to collect comments and email addresses to engage the conversation. It’s easy to filter comments, categorize them and use the flags to set positive, negative or neutral sentiment (use them for priorities or anything else you’ll like). The more advanced versions also offers word cloud and other analysis capabilities on the comments.


Quick-win: the Priorities tab under Analysis. In this case, it clearly shows that “Find contact information” is the area where both satisfaction and task completion are lower – this is where I should improve! (note in this case my respondant size is very small… that’s also why the bubbles are all the same size).

My take

Of course, being on the iPerceptions advisory board could sound like I’m a bit biased – I can live with that and I think I have enough judgement and experience to offer an honest review.

4Q was a fantastic idea and thanks to Avinash, it certainly helped analysts realize how important the concept of multiplicity was. Where Google Analytics brought behavioral analytics to the mass, 4Q brought voice of customer. It offered a cool and free solution where their alternatives where either custom built solutions or expansive ones.

Honestly, it took a while for iPerceptions to come out with an alternative that would still cover the basics but also offer enhanced capabilities as a transition to webValidator, their flagship product. 4Q Suite comes in four flavors (or flavours if you like!): a free version of 4Q is still available and a 15 days trial is offered for all products. Visit the Products and Pricing page for a detailed breakdown of the features available in each version.

4Q Suite is voice of customer evolved – powerful, yet very affordable, capabilities that will satisfy the simplest needs or the most demanding marketers.


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