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I am stoked to announce a newly launched podcast series, “Podcast for Agencies”, created in collaboration with Google Partners. I’ve been toying with the idea of a podcast that focuses on the issues of building and growing an Agency for a long time, and through our work with Google Partners it became clear that each episode should feature one of the top minds from the digital marketing industry. Through thoughtful discussion, our guests will share their opinions, insights, and predictions on Google products, agency life, digital advertising, as well as what it means to be an agency and how to navigate through the digital world by thinking outside the box.

The theme of the series will focus on ‘What I wished I’d known’. It aims to encourage guests to think deeply about the five most critical actions that they took which effectively changed the course of their careers, and acted as a cornerstone for personal and professional growth. My hope is that their candid insights might possibly provide listeners with the information they need in order to avoid error, pain (and possibly some heartache too!) in their own careers.

You can listen to the full podcast here (as well as on Google Play and iTunes). Don’t forget to register here to receive updates on new and upcoming episodes. Happy listening!