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Google recently introduced the Conversion Optimizer as a new tool for Google AdWords clients. The idea behind this tool is to manage one’s advertising costs around specific conversion goals. You still pay per click, but instead of setting cost per click (CPC) bids, you specify a maximum cost per acquisition (CPA) bid for each ad group. The Conversion Optimizer manages your CPC bids for you, making adjustments and showing your ads only when you’re likely to get conversions.

Using the Conversion Optimizer does have some requirements that you should be aware of before getting started. First you must have conversion tracking enabled for your campaign. Secondly the campaign must have at least 300 conversions in the last 30 days. These two requirements are essential for the tool to work properly, so if you don’t meet these then unfortunately Google does not allow you to use the Conversion Optimizer. You can set up the tool quite simply in your client center within the “Edit Campaign Settings” section under your “Bidding Options”. In addition, you need to be aware that the Conversion Optimizer does have limitations. There are several AdWords features that are not compatible with the new tool at this time. If you’re not willing to part with things like position preference, budget optimizer, site targeting, advanced ad scheduling, and preferred cost bidding, then the Conversion Optimizer isn’t for you (yet?). Lastly, campaigns that are using the Conversion Optimizer may not be modified using the AdWords Editor.

To find out more on your own about the new Conversion Optimizer please go to the AdWords Help Center.

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