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As companies continue to get more comfortable with online advertising all the time, they are more willing to place a larger portion of their advertising budget towards it. What does this mean to the rest of us? Well, basically it means that we are competing against more companies then ever before. Because of this ever increasing competition you can no longer just 'wing it' and make guesses at keywords and bid prices, you have to take a more scientific approach and find out exactly who the competitors are and how they are using their PPC campaigns. By doing a little competitive analysis you can use this information to make your PPC campaign healthy and profitable.

Now while every campaign needs for you to put some elbow grease into the research, we have come across one tool that will make life a little bit easier. The tool is by and will allow you to gain a wealth of information about your rivals all in one place. This tool can allow you to see who is competing for keywords, how much they are spending on their daily budget, which terms are receiving the most clicks and a wide variety of other statistics which you can use to your advantage. While this info can help the smallest of ad campaigns it really becomes useful when working with thousands of keywords and competing against large companies with deep pockets.

It is important to stay one step ahead of the competition, and to do so you must stay up-to-date with the latest technology and tactics. By taking the information you obtain from and applying it properly into your campaign you may be able to get the edge you need.