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Google IO 2013 Logo Yesterday, the Google Analytics team gave an amazing presentation on the recently launched platform Universal Analytics, a new user-centric way to measure user-interactions across devices, platforms and environments. It shifts the focus for the platform from being “visit centric” to “visitor centric”.

In the presentation from our Googler friends, Nick Mihailovski, first talked about how we can measure beyond web and app in Google Analytics and then Andrew Wales spoke about how we can optimize experiences across devices. Finally, Pete Frisella tied it altogether and talked about how we can measure online and offline experiences together using Google Analytics.

Please enjoy the presentation here:

After the presentation, I felt left out 🙁 I wish I was up there expressing my love of Universal Analytics. This is how I imagined it would go if I was part of the presentation (with an appearance by a good friend of mine, Avinash Kaushik):








🙂 Please join me in thanking the Google Analytics team for all they’ve contributed to the Digital Analytics industry.