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Our client is a Fortune 500 company that provides computer and related solutions, helping customers globally capture, share, and preserve digital content. Their online presence spans worldwide serving over 200 countries, each managed by a different group. As you can imagine, the deployment of their tags was disjointed and they needed a solution to centralize their digital marketing efforts and measurement. We suggested Google Tag Manager (GTM), a tool that allows centralized deployment of javascript tags (such as site analytics code and remarketing tags) through an easy web interface. It now allows them to build, test, and publish marketing tags, specifying access levels across their business units and web properties. They are extremely happy about the efficiencies that have resulted.

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If you’re doing online marketing right, you probably have a gagillion tags, scripts, pixels running on your website. You might have some on all pages in the main template, some on certain landing pages, etc. Some may conflict with others, causing errors, while some might just be on pages unnecessarily, possibly causing issues like load time problems.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have them all organized in a system where you can test them out and then deploy certain tags on certain pages? That’s what Google Tag Manager does. It’s a content management system, but for tags.

While, it can be a daunting task to remove, replace and reorganize all your tags in order to implement it, with a little strategy and planning, it might actually make your life a whole lot simpler. Here’s how we helped a high profile client implement it on their site.

Global Brand Hi-Tech company consolidates process, simplifies deployment and tracking of marketing tags worldwide with Google Tag Manager

Here are some basic points about the client, their challenges, and how we implemented Google Tag Manager to solve their issues, but for full details, download the case study here.

About the Client

  • Hi-Tech, Fortune 500
  • Global Leader in Computer and Mobile Related Solutions
  • Technology integrated into products from top electronics companies worldwide


  • Deploy code quickly and easily
  • Audit and customize javascript tags
  • Reduce dependence on development teams


  • Adopted Google Tag Manager for all websites
  • Structured tag containers by marketing regions
  • Created permission-based workflows for global marketing teams


  • Accelerated global code deployment from weeks to hours
  • Reduced multiple tags to a single tag
  • Eliminated inaccuracies and incomplete data from manually collecting reports
  • Implemented customer survey and marketing automation

In the end, the admin team was a lot happier and organized. The site(s), as large as it (they) is (are), is now a lot lighter because of the “filter” of tags deployed.

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