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Last night I came across a new SERP feature that Google has started to roll out. They are adding Google Map functionality directly into the SERP’s. It’s a pretty cool feature – and opportunity for your search engine optimization strategy – and I assume that it will mean more people will start to take Google Local more seriously really quickly.

When you search the example below – either by their top keyword Wedding favors or by their brand HansonEllis you see the map insert link.

Then when you click the (+) or the map link, the window expands and looks like this.

There are a couple of obvious reasons why this feature may benefit a web business.

  • Bigger Google listing will result in more clicks
  • Nifty blue plus (+) sign and underlined map link will draw the eye and result in more clicks
  • Just having the map and contact information so accessible is a big plus
  • You never know, searchers may trust the site more based on the additional link

In conclusion, if you haven’t already done so you may want to make sure Google has verified your address through