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If you’ve been following recent developments on the Google+ platform you’ve undoubtedly already created your Google+ Business Page and been playing with all the goodies that Google+ provides with regard to your business. However, before you get too far into your foray into Google+ Business Pages make sure you read the fine print because if you repeatedly break the rules your Google account could be suspended. That’s right, the whole Google account! You could lose access to your Gmail, AdWords, Analytics, YouTube, Places, Google+, and any other Google product that is accessible through that single log in. So tread carefully!
When it comes to marketing on Google+ brands are clamoring to get in the action, but Google+ Business Page terms of service have revealed some pretty serious restrictions that you need to be aware of. Google+ Pages Contest and Promotion Policies section is particularly interesting stating that page admins are not allowed to “run contests, sweepstakes, offers, coupons or other such promotions”. These activities cannot take place directly on Google+, instead brands are allowed to place a link to such activities elsewhere. Google is so adamant about this that they have a rather large indemnity clause within the policies as well. Digging a little deeper into the Additional Terms of Service for Google+ Pages we see that Google is keeping a tight leash on these pages as they retain the right to block or remove Pages that violate these terms, or, in the case of repeat violations, suspend a user’s Google account. Incidentally, Google also notes that it may, without notice, remove any Google+ Pages that are dormant for more than nine months. So if you’re snapping up tons of pages so no one else grabs them, you better use them or you may lose them! Google+ is a great network and it could be a major player in your social and marketing strategy, but make sure you read all the fine print before you make the wrong turn by accident and lose access to some pretty important information!