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You may have encountered this warning in your Google Analytics dashboard:


“You are exceeding data limits” or “Your data volume (xxxM hits) exceeds the limit of 10M hits per month as outlined in our Terms of Service. If you continue to exceed the limit, you may lose access to future data.”

You also may have noticed the a new feature in the property admin section called “Property hit limits”, which you can see your 7/30 day hit counts.

The good news is your site is awesome. The bad news is your analytics may not be accurate.

This means your volume of traffic is pretty high – and it’s probably time to start thinking about migrating to the premium version of Google Analytics (Google Analytics Premium).

Limits and Sampling

According to Google, if you exceed 10 million hits (hits include each pageview, screenview, event, ecommerce transaction, etc.), there’s no assurance that the excess hits will be processed with Google Analytics standard. Let’s be real – GA is an awesome tool, but expecting to instantaneously process monster amounts of data and return reports on-demand is a little much.

The standard version is really robust, but for sites with huge amounts of traffic, there could be a tradeoff – sampling and data latency. GA will be forced to make it’s calculations based on a smaller sample size of the overall data to get a report instantly.

Sometimes that sample might not be statistically significant or sufficiently representative of the data, so any insights gathered from the data may not be accurate. Google Analytics is intelligent enough to do its best to minimize adverse effects of sampling on the data, but the reality is that a data set that is a % sample of your actual data may not be usable. These reports will undoubtedly be used in making marketing decisions, so it’s important to keep the sampling size as high as possible so that they’re accurate and provide actionable insights.

Solution: Google Analytics Premium

Your site is one of the “big dogs” and it needs a premium tool. Google Analytics Premium allows you to download unsampled reports and create custom tables, which give you fast, unsampled data based on metrics and dimensions you choose.

Also, processing latency can be 24-48 hours, and on Standard accounts with 200,000 sessions per day, the reports are being refreshed only once a day. With a Premium account, you’re guaranteed 4 hour data processing.

Other benefits include BigQuery integration, DoubleClick integration, Custom Funnels, Service Level Agreements and also consulting and support based on the certified reseller you choose.

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