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Earlier today, Google announced the launch of the Google Analytics 360 Suite. As one of the earlier members of the Google Analytics Certified Partners program, we are excited to witness the evolution of the new tools and features.

The true power of the new 360 suite comes down to integration. If you’re familiar with E-Nor, you may know about our optimization framework – starting with a measurement strategy and implementation, then moving to actionable insights and working your way to optimizing your digital experience with data driven decisions.


The new 360 Suite is yet another step forward from Google towards the integration of measurement, data and optimization. Offering different products towards these goals within the same suite shares resources and streamlines the process for our clients.

360 Suite New Upgrades

Below, we outline some of the new and upgraded products belonging to this 360 suite release. It should be noted that all of the 360 suite products are paid solutions, with the standard Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Content Experiments continuing to stand as free solutions.

Optimize 360 (Beta) is an exciting new tool from Google to provide an enterprise solution for A/B testing, conversion rate optimization, and personalization. This is nothing like Google has done in the testing vertical before, and offers exciting new features and integrations unique from other tools in the market. These include:

  • The ability to target audiences based on Google Analytics data (similar to the Google Analytics remarketing capabilities you may already be used to).
  • A deeper integration with Google Analytics than other tools can offer, including the ability to import Google Analytics data as a goal.
  • Targeting based on data layer variables. If you are already creating data layer variables on the page for Google Tag Manager, you’re in luck – these work great for Optimize 360, too.
  • Developer happy features like diagnostic alerts, revision histories, and a unique interactive DOM selector breadcrumb trail (very similar to the DOM selector breadcrumbs seen in Chrome Developer Tools) to help you pinpoint the exact item you want to select and modify.

In addition to these unique differentiators, Optimize 360 has the visual editing interface and intuitive reporting that analysts have come to expect from modern testing tools.

Google Optimize Editor


Example of Google Optimize Report


Are you ready to graduate from the basic Google Analytics dashboard offering? Are you researching data visualization solutions like Tableau? While the new Data Studio 360 (Beta) is not a Tableau replacement, it is a more robust reporting and visualization solution than standard Google Analytics dashboards or Google Analytics custom reports. As of today, you can integrate Data Studio 360 with Google Analytics and other Google data sources such as BigQuery.


Our example shows a simple dashboard that includes Google Analytics data alongside CRM data that has been stored in a Google spreadsheet. This example is meant to highlight some of the power of Data Studio 360 (Beta) – the extremely customizeable, highly expandable nature of the tool. You can create reports that share insights specific to your business, in a way that Google Analytics alone can’t quite accomplish.

With the launch of the Google Analytics 360 Suite, some products and services that we already know and love are getting a facelift. Google Analytics Premium is now Analytics 360, and we can expect to see some new features for this tool in the coming months. Adometry has been “rebuilt from the ground up” and is now Attribution 360.

Stay tuned for more information on other new features and insider tips for the Google Analytics 360 Suite, including Audience Center 360 (Google’s DMP solution in beta), Tag Manager 360, and more!


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