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While there’s some debate whether Enhanced Campaigns are a step in the right direction, one feature that’s definitely a  move forward is the Enhanced Geo-targeting feature.

We now have more flexibility than ever when targeting specific locations. In the past, if we wanted to bid differently depending on the State or Province, we’d have to create new campaigns specifically to do this. Now there’s no need to create extra campaigns.  We can make bid adjustments to multiple geo-targets all within the same campaign.

If you haven’t moved your campaigns over to Enhanced and aren’t familiar with the way it now works, it’s essentially very similar to how ad scheduling has worked. With Ad Scheduling you can raise or lower bid prices depending on the hour. With the new geo-targeting, you’re able to do the same thing depending on the location. So as an example, perhaps you’re targeting the entire US, but notice that Florida, California and Oregon are performing at a substantially higher level. You can now increase the bids specifically for these States. On the same note, if you notice that Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio are spending your money but aren’t converting, you can reduce bids for these states.

Geo Targeting with Enhanced Campaigns

As another example, perhaps you’re a florist who wants to target a specific city. You now have the ability to raise your bids for those that are within a 5 KM radius of your actual store, all without creating any additional campaigns.

Before you start making any big bid adjustment decisions, I would always suggest to first look at your data. You’re now able to get some of this data without leaving the tab by selecting the ‘location details’ button. You can also dive into your analytics as you normally would to start pulling out this information.

Geo Targeting with Enhanced Campaigns 2

Get started playing with new feature today and start driving additional conversions for your campaigns


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