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We’ve noticed over the last few months that we have gotten a lot of questions about SEO, most of them pretty basic. We know how hard it is to find good free advice when you’re starting out, so instead of waxing philosophic about the future of search algorithms we’ve decided to dedicate a portion of our blog to helping individual sites caught in the mire of search rankings by implementing a new blog feature: Twitter SEO Audits.

Starting today all of you twits and twitettes out there can Tweet our SEO expert Alex (on twitter: @alexvki) through twitter with your site URL. Alex will then choose up to three of the sites submitted each day and send back a 140 character max review of the website briefly detailing what can be done to optimize it for search engines.

Then every so often we will choose our favorite example from the submissions and provide a full case study on our blog, detailing what can be done for that site and how they can improve their rankings.

If you want to submit your site, you can find Alex on twitter here.

Alex Tomin is an Account Manager in the internet marketing department at VKI Studios. He has been working with VKI for 6 years, before which he was an SEO consultant.


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