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That’s right folks, if you’ve been holding onto that Facebook Share button for dear life it’s time to loosen your grip. Facebook has updated their Like button to include all the functionality of the old Share button. Now, a full story complete with headline, blurb, and thumbnail is posted to the walls of all who adore you and their friends can share and comment on it too!

Prior to these upgrades, the Like button only posted a link to the story in a user’s recent activity, and everyone breezed by it on their way to view the other cool stuff their friends posted. I don’t know about you guys, but with all the other cool stuff the Like button can do, I don’t see a need for the Share button anymore and neither does Facebook. Development on the Share button has been retired and they recommend using the Like button going forward. However, Facebook will continue to support the Share button for all you die-hard Share button lovers, who can’t let go.