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Chances are you and most of your friends all have Smart Phones. With an increase in searches from mobile devices, you may want to allow users to call you directly by just clicking on your ad. Using Google’s Phone Extensions will let them to do exactly that.

How beneficial Ad Extensions can be to your company, depends on the type of business that you’re running. If you’re a plumber, mechanic, electrician or perhaps a lawyer, people may only want a phone number and don’t want to have to navigate through your website to get it. The phone extension allows your users to just click on the phone number and give you a call. Allowing users the easiest option to contact you is generally a better solution then making them work to find the information.

Getting Started with Phone Extensions:

  • Select Your Campaign
  • Go to the Extensions Tab
  • Click ‘View Phone Extensions
  • Click ‘New Extension’
  • Enter your Country and Phone Number

You can even take your AdWords campaign a step further by allowing a ‘Call-Only’ format. This makes it so visitors can’t click through to the website and can only initiate a phone call. This may be useful for companies such as Taxi Cabs where there is really no need to go to the website; they’re just looking for a phone number.

Depending on the type of company you run, the ‘phone extensions’ feature is worth looking into. Like anything in AdWords, it should be tested before moving forward and implementing on a large scale.