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At Cardinal Path, two of our corporate beliefs are:

  • “Sharing knowledge strengthens our own”
  • “Individuals are impactful but the team makes the difference”.

Here’s an uncensored example of how this spirit is brought to life, and why I believe working at Cardinal Path is the best and most motivating job I’ve had in 25 years.

The challenge

Let’s face it; some projects involve uncertainty, unknowns and risks. It is our task, as trusted experts to our clients, to figure it out. One such challenge involved making a custom implementation of Google Analytics for a European client. It had to do with some fancy handling of the EU privacy regulation and user consent… But let’s keep the technical details for a later post.

After spending some time trying to come up with a working solution, one of our analyst raised the red flag – it didn’t work. I got involved and after a fair amount of tweaks and tests, we had a workable solution. But again, that’s not the point.

The real value of teamwork

What is important – and the highlight of this article – is what happened after we crafted the solution.

On our intranet, I noticed this message from my colleague Jordan Louis:

“Lo and behold, Stéphane is verily a JavaScript and jQuery god. Seriously. Something that was frustrating the nine hells out of me took him a few hours to figure out. I definitely need to learn a lot more from this guy. Tremble before his might!”

“Trapped in the infinite loop of learning”

The headline above was my tagline some twenty-five years ago – and I’m still trapped. And it feels good.

Here’s two little anecdotes.

A few months back, at a local meetup, a guy who looked fresh out of college came to me and said bluntly “I want to do your job” – to which I replied “you have 25 years to go!”.

Back around 1994 I attended a conference and heard a great speech about online marketing. I pushed aside my shyness and asked in my really bad English: “Loved your presentation, what should I do if I wanted to be a speaker one day?”. The guy replied, “Write a book!”

That person was Jim Sterne.

We learn from others and we aspire to do better. Learning and sharing is immensely rewarding. Really,

sharing knowledge strengthens our own.

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