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eBay has launched new social networking portal

eBay users can create Neighborhoods for different topics. Visitors can discuss products, interests, passions, ideas. You do not require membership to read posts. However, you need eBay User ID to create new neighborhoods, start discussions, post replies, etc. Discussions have RSS feeds and you can subscribe to receive the most recent information.

New eBay Neighborhood portal provides great possibilities for sellers and buyers. Sellers can find feedbacks from potential buyers, research new hot niches to expand business, and more. At the same time buyers can read more information about products to make right choice, share opinions about products, provide research, post additional information about topics, etc. The major idea of eBay Neighborhood is improving the buyer experience.

New Neighborhoods system is part eBay Community portal that includes existing eBay Blogs, Groups, MyWorld, Discussion Boards, Answer Center, Chat Rooms.


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