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Happy Spring! In January, I shared some thoughts about conscious leadership at E-Nor and beyond. With that conscious leadership framework leading the way, this April our global E-Nor team gathered in Santa Cruz, CA at the Chaminade Resort & Spa for our annual employee summit. Many of us met one another for the very first time. While we love and daily utilize technology; video, WhatsApp, Slack, and more to stay connected with our global virtual team, meeting in person gives us the opportunity to connect at a different level. Our annual summit is a special event we look forward to and this year was absolutely amazing!

As an early adopter of Google Analytics (and yes before that Urchin too!) and as a premier partner in the Google Marketing Platform (GMP) ecosystem, there are so many amazing data, ML and customer journey topics to discuss, debate, and brainstorm!

The summit provides E-Norians the opportunity to connect in person and dive deep into the details of our client service offerings. Led by knowledge sharing, we combine industry best practices with the latest and greatest technology and service options in light of our day-to-day customer experiences. We welcome team members outside of consulting and engineering and open discussions up across all disciplines inviting fresh ideas and new insights. Then we take the lessons learned and apply them for the benefit of our amazing clients!

We were delighted to welcome our Google Channel Managers, Adrienne Buhmann and Isabell Rondslatt, thank you for taking time out of our your busy schedules to spend time with E-Nor! Together we learned about new and upcoming GMP and GCP roadmaps and connected on ways to leverage our long-term partnership and deliver new insights to clients. Stay tuned as these discussions continue to unfold!

Thus, with all of this excitement and a summit agenda bursting with cutting edge sessions, my People Operations time was limited! Early in the summit agenda planning phase, I knew my focus would be E-Nor’s culture, based on our People Operations vision for 2019, Thrive and Flourish!

How would I communicate our deep appreciation and gratitude for the less obvious and subtle aspects of culture? Not through a presentation with me talking and talking – that’s quite boring! Rather an inspired idea arose. One in alignment with our value of conscious leadership.

The idea was to honor our co-founders and E-Nor’s guiding principles as our core foundation and to highlight each and every E-Norian. Great! Now what? How to convey this? Ahmed Marof, one of E-Nor’s mobile engineers, also loves to make videos, so I asked for his help – the Beatles did advise “we get by with a little help from our friends”! Deep gratitude to Ahmed for taking the vision and creating this amazing work of art.

It is a joy to share this video, imbued with the intention to lift up each and every person and acknowledge their unique and valued contribution to E-Nor, to celebrate our people. Thank you E-Nor and every E-Norian for the honor of working with you!

And enjoy a few pics from our summit fun day oceanside! Be well, will connect again next quarter 🙂

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