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Why do people search for stuff like “the formula for a successful viral video”? In my last link of the day (which I haven’t posted thanks to a login-wall) people were asking about that, and it always blows me away that any reasonably intelligent person would ask a question like that. If your video was concocted from a formula wouldn’t that make it, I dunno, formulaic? Then again, the roller blading babies did go viral, so maybe that speaks to peoples insane interest in the uninteresting.

On a less ranty note we’ve got a roundup this week filled with great content such as: how to create a movement in under 3 minutes; Gmail’s drag and drop file uploading; and the effects (or lack thereof) of Google Instant on advertising campaigns.

  Internet Marketing and SEO
  Web Analytics
  • The Omniture blog has a post on Time Based Analysis, watching when visitors return, to then find out what brought them back.
  • With all this talk about Evercookie there’s been a lot of hullaballoo about cookie privacy, which has prompted Stephan Hammel to post about Peterson’s WAA code of ethics. While I agree that the cookie fear is overblown, a code of ethics isn’t going to do much to stop people who are gathering personally identifiable information.
  User Experience
  • Thanks to 52 weeks of UX, I was forwarded to the Rocket Surgery Made Easy companion site. Very cool for people reading the book and looking for some extra info.
  • Six Revisions says the secret to creating a great user interface is “speaking the language” of your user. By which they mean using design elements that your users recognize. Ok, so maybe that’s not so revolutionary, but it does provide some nice advice .
  Miscellaneous links of the week:


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