Cardinal Path’s response to COVID-19 Cardinal Path is sharing all we know to help marketers during COVID-19.  Learn more.

We are taking steps to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our clients, our employees, and our business in this quickly-evolving Coronavirus pandemic.

Our entire workforce is now operating remotely. Cardinal Path has always been a company ‘in the cloud’, with talent across the globe and accustomed to working as virtual teams connected by cloud-based tools (e.g. Box; Hangouts; Teams; Google Analytics 360; Adobe Analytics; Tableau; etc.). Working at a distance is part of our DNA, and we are leveraging that culture to work from home at scale during this time. 

We are working with clients to assess their changing analytics requirements. This can mean delivering accelerated insights, adjusting priorities, or shifting resources and timelines. Our goal is to be supportive and helpful during this challenging business period.

Emotions are running high, but this is a time for data to drive business-critical decisions.  

Our teams are on call to provide support through difficult decision-making and be as agile as the situation demands us to be. 

Please take care of your health, family, community, and spirit. 

Below is a list of questions we’ve compiled through recent client inquiries – hopefully, these are helpful. As always, you can reach out to your Cardinal Path account manager or for a timely response.


How is Cardinal Path addressing business continuity? 

We have a full- implemented business continuity/work-from-home plan. As a company “in the cloud”, we have a long history of working in virtual environments across geographically-dispersed team members and clients. The transition has been smooth with no disruption to our client deliverables. 

Are there any areas of your business that are impacted operationally? 

The only area of our business that has changed in the wake of this pandemic is the all-staff move to working remotely. 

What is the current status of systems and data? 

All of our systems and data are secured and backed up and continuously monitored and managed. 

Are there any impacts to your supply chain? (e.g. materials, parts, etc.) 

No. Since we provide consulting services and licensing of cloud-based tools, we don’t anticipate supply chain impacts. 

What is the timeline to return to normal operation?

We’re operating normally and at full capacity.  keeping a close eye on the health guidelines by local and federal governments, and ensuring the safety and wellbeing of employees. Our client deliverables have not been impacted by COVID-19. 

Are you still conducting on-site visits to client offices? 

No. Per the health guidelines issued by the WHO and local governments, we are promoting self-isolation among all staff members. This means no in-person meetings for the time being. 

What happens with items that have been posted to you by mail? As much as possible, we are encouraging digital communication at this time. If you have recently sent us something by mail, please let your account manager know. 


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