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Cardinal Path is growing at an exponential rate and we need bodies!

We have had a stellar start to 2012 here at Cardinal Path and we are rapidly expanding – myself, I have been here for just 3 months but my newbie status expired fast as more people have been brought on board since my arrival! I’ve been asked to write a piece, as a fresh, wide-eyed and unscathed new employee in the Marketing Communications department, as to why Cardinal Path is where you should work, especially if you are an Analytics genius who wants to flex his or her cognitive muscles for the best website performance optimization company in the world.

Cardinal Path has just completed its inaugural year, and we’re off to an amazing start. For those who are not familiar, Cardinal Path is comprised of three successful companies, WebShare, VKI Studios, and Public Insite, who decided to join forces last year and provide analytics, consulting, solutions and training services to companies who want to improve their internet presence and knowledge on how to do so.

We recently had a company-wide progress and update meeting, and it was revealed that sales in the second quarter exceeded the target nearly a month before the quarter end (and once the quarter had closed we had exceeded our target by more than 25%). I left with a feeling of anticipation of where our company is going, and was very impressed at the demand for our services. It is clear that the expertise we provide has become integral to any company surviving and excelling in the internet world of commerce and information. At the end of the meeting, each office popped champagne in unison and we celebrated being us!

So, as demand increases, Cardinal Path’s need for experts grows as well. Chicago has a newly formed Digital Intelligence team, and we are looking for the right people to fill positions such as the Senior Statistical Analyst – Advanced Analytics, to be based out of Chicago. We are also looking for a Consultant – Web Analyst – Implementation, who could be based out of any of our four locations. In addition to Chicago, we have offices in Ottawa, Vancouver, and Phoenix.

Those are just two of the positions we are looking to fill, but you can check out our careers section at for all of our current listings. When I say current, it would certainly be worth checking back on a regular basis as new positions will continue to be posted.

Even if you don’t fit the bill, that friend who’s analytically gifted might.  And resulting from that share, perhaps, could be a big thank-you lunch from that newly hired friend.