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After months of planning, coordination and collaboration, the wraps are off: Udacity has just announced the availability of their new Google Analytics Nanodegree program, created through a unique partnership between E-Nor, Udacity and Google. Enrollment is open now, and the classroom will open on October 23rd.

E-Nor was sought and selected as the Google Marketing Platform Partner of choice to craft the curriculum and provide the instruction for this five-course, intermediate-level Nanodegree program. Google provided oversight and classroom resources, and Udacity managed the entire project, including the high-level video production for all of the courses. While five different E-Nor experts contributed to the on-screen instruction, creating the program took the insight and excellence of more than a dozen E-Norians and the focus of hundreds and hundreds of hours over the last eight months.

The result is a Nanodegree program designed to appeal to those interested in becoming skilled in leveraging the Google Analytics platform. There are more than 20 lessons included in the five courses, which were conceived, designed, and are delivered to afford students a full conceptual framework of Google Analytics, while simultaneously offering valuable technical insight to ensure that students gain a deep understanding of how it all works. Four of the courses also feature practical, marketable projects, patterned on current deliverables in digital analysis and designed to drive deeper engagement in GA, providing students with a toolbox they can use long after they’ve completed the degree.

Each course combines screencasts from within the interface, on-screen instruction, quizzes, and animations to help students stay on-track and focused. With the belief that working in the interface is the best way to learn the interface, the courses are sequenced as follows:

Course 1: Provides a foundational overview on Google Analytics.

Course 2: Beginning a sustained approach to applying concepts and features to organizational needs, the key phases of an analytics implementation are examined: the discovery process, working with stakeholder groups, formulating a measurement plan, and high-level analytics concepts like cross-domain tracking, segmentation, and user-privacy.

Course 3: This course contains a deep examination of Google Tag Manager and how it is used to enhance, leverage, and ease implementation of GA. Five core concepts of GTM are covered: tags, triggers, variables, and the all-important data layer.

Course 4: Here, the content pivots from implementation to data usage, with focus on acquisition, conversion and attribution. Channel customization, ecommerce, and UTM tagging are give in-depth treatment.

Course 5: Ensuring that students know how to visualize, present, and annotate data, best practices using Data Studio for reports and dashboards are introduced, along with custom alerts and annotations.

Though there are dozens of entry-level educational experiences out there for GA, this new Nanodegree program goes well beyond that to offer a complete and immersive experience that will enable students to acquire all the skills necessary for a career in digital analytics, or for managing a Google Analytics implementation for a small business. E-Nor, Udacity, and Google all bring their formidable strengths to the student experience. The results is a Nanodegree program where the coverage, presentation, and depth of coursework is complemented by the expertise of the instructors, the strength of the tools and approaches provided, and the learning platform on which it all lives and is delivered.

To learn more or to get started, visit Udacity and check out the overview page for the Google Analytics Nanodegree program. While working with them on this project, we learned first-hand how student-focused their approach is and we know how strongly they feel about providing excellent student experiences in an out of the classroom. All of us at E-Nor, Udacity, and Google are excited about this Nanodegree program and eager for students to begin the journey to becoming experts in all things GA!