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Cardinal Path is pleased to announce its second-annual Analytics Rising virtual conference on September 25th, designed to bring the hottest topics of the day to the marketing analytics community of brands worldwide. 

This year’s event is laser-focused on just three live sessions:  

Session 1: Gearing up for a Cookieless Future

Led by Cardinal Path Co-CEO Alex Langshur and Digital Intelligence Group Director, Mary Andrews, this flagship session delivers exclusive content, developed through consultation and collaboration with the world’s leading digital data and media agencies, platform vendors, and thought leaders on data privacy. 

Why it’s important: 
Data privacy regulations and the imminent disappearance of cookies are re-shaping the way marketers engage with their audiences. This session will arm you with the information you need to understand the background issues, how it will affect your business, and what you can do about it. 

Session 2: Digital Transformation: Your Roadmap for 2020

It’s not just the myriad tech and tools that are muddying the waters for data-driven marketing, it’s also people. As anyone who has undertaken change management will tell you, tackling the issues relating to business stakeholders across teams, departments, geographies, and varied skill sets is a challenge unto itself. Cardinal Path Group Directors and Jonathan Flander (Digital Intelligence) and Nick Iyengar (Analysis & Insights) will walk you through their process for helping organizations achieve true digital transformation while Lauren Norton, Associate Director, Client Services, shares insightful real-world stories from some of the brands she works with. 

Why it’s important: 
Marketers need an achievable plan that will take them through the next 18 months. This session will show you what that should look like, and help you to be realistic and well-prepared as you work towards your business goals.

Session 3: Data-driven Attribution

Google Marketing Platform’s data-driven attribution delivers value for many organizations and in this case study, we will demonstrate how a Fortune 500 organization extended their capabilities with a combination of first-party data, data science, and Google Cloud. According to research by eConsultancy, common barriers to achieving custom attribution solutions include disparate data, lack of data, and lack of knowledge. This session, led by Co-CEO Corey Koberg and Director of Data Science, Amit Jai Kadam, addresses all three. 

Why this is important: 
Attribution can deliver significant lift and without specific efforts to achieve it, you will be leaving a lot on the table. Plus, as the Cookieless Future session will demonstrate, the benefits of attribution to enhancing the customer journey through personalization are not to be ignored. 

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