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Anthony Mills, Manager, Digital Intelligence at Cardinal Path will deliver a 30-minute session for Analytics Rising entitled, Creating a culture of testing and optimization.

Why is culture paramount to success in digital marketing?

Culture creates passion and curiosity. With culture you form a tighter bond with your coworkers and maybe even departments you don’t usually speak with. It also fosters communication, especially sensitive communication, like checking one anothers biasses. When you are able to cultivate a culture of testing and optimization people are more open to expressing their opinions.

What are some of the challenges?

The most difficult part is finding an executive sponsor that believes in the culture’s value and has the ability to build enthusiasm across the organization. Finding that evangelist for the team that pushes projects forward, finds finance when necessary, and really lives the culture themselves is tough. Executives are busy, but when it’s everybody’s job, it ends up being nobody’s job.

Who will gain the most value from your session?

My session is for organizations that believe in optimization. I know this sounds vague, but really these lessons are for everyone! Every organization wants to put their best foot forward with their customers and the way to do that is through testing and optimization.

Creating a culture sounds a bit daunting! is this more of a pep talk or will attendees walk away with practical steps they can actually use?

Attendees will feel empowered to cultivate a culture of optimization and testing. They will walk away with a deeper understanding of its importance, and also some practical ways to foster a culture that will get people excited about engaging their organization.

Session Abstract: Creating a culture of testing and optimization.

Today, testing is the standard. But knowing where to start and the rationale behind your testing decisions is a completely different ballgame. Fostering ‘effort vs. return,’ and ‘data over title’ experimentation and personalization is key to disrupting a stagnant culture!

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