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The deployment of a new platform is the perfect opportunity to implement new data and analytics processes and best practices to advance your digital strategy.

A Marketer’s Guide to Finding The Right Analytics Solution, provides an overview of the major analytics platforms and offers insights into ways you can optimize your solution with the right skills, processes, and best practices.  It includes an Analytics Platform Migration Checklist which includes costs to consider in a platform switch, resources and processes needed for a successful move and deployment, and ways to advance your data and analytics strategy.

Whitepaper: Marketer's Guide to Finding the Right Analytics Solution

Switching costs may include ownership costs (IT), training, implementation, staffing, and maintenance.  You may want to run your legacy platform side by side with your new one for a period of time to provide baseline data comparisons between the two tools, which can add extra costs during this period.

The deployment of a new analytics platform may also provide you with a good opportunity to reexamine and advance your broader data and analytics strategy.  It can be a perfect time to put in place a formal data governance plan, data visualizations or dashboarding, a formal testing or personalization program, as well as integrations with new data sources.

Download the whitepaper for the full migration checklist, an overview of the major analytics platforms, and insights into ways you can optimize your solution with the right skills, process, and best practices.

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