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I am looking for input from the Internet Marketing consultants attending the WSI Global conference in Las Vegas on September 16.  Social networking is the theme of the conference and I’ll be presenting on “web analytics and social networking”. The title of my session is “Analyze as you Socialize” (Arti and team get all the credit for this cool title! 🙂 ).

I am known to be a last minute guy, but believe it or not, I am well ahead on this presentation and might have it all ready in the next couple of days!

I’ll be covering a number of topics, one  I know people want to hear about is “event tracking” in Google Analytics. I plan to show some reports and analysis of video tracking.  But my challenge is to meet the needs of the audience since we will have beginners, intermediate and advanced level consultants.

I would really appreciate it if you can post a comment or email me directly (feras at e-nor . com) with what you like to see in the presentation. I’ll attempt to refine the presentation to address the needs of the audience and also include references & materials that consultants can use right away.

Thank you in advance and hope to see you there!