Google Display Network provides great opportunities to expand advertising audience. But many advertisers don’t have the budget or time for creating display image ads. Yes, the AdWords system has an Ad Builder which provides a fast and easy way to build the ads. But there is a way to create the ads even easier and faster by using Suggested Ads.

1. Launch Display Ad Builder to create new ads

2. Ad Builder will show Featured templates which are pretty good. But it would take time to fine tune them for your needs. We are not going to use these templates.

3. Now click “Suggested” in left hand menu.

4. After few seconds you will see the ad templates already adjusted to your website’s style and messaging.  The image below shows our training website and a list of suggested ad templates which AdWords created automatically.

These suggested templates are not perfect, but it would take less time to make the necessary adjustments and build decent ads.


If you are already running text ads, the process of creating similar display ads is even easier:

  • Select a text ad you would like to use as a sample.
  • Then click “More actions…” and “Generate display ad…”

Have you had a chance to use this tool? If so, let us know how it worked out for you.