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Working on a limited budget can be difficult as it prevents you from reaching potential customers and restricts your ability to expand the account. For companies that find themselves with this issue, one of the first items that will often get the axe is the Google Display Network (GDN).

If you plan to cut the GDN because of budget issues, you could miss out on some high-converting traffic. Now, I’m not talking about traditional contextually targeted campaigns or even placement targeted campaigns, I’m talking about remarketing campaigns.

Remarketing campaigns have the ability to offer a great ROI because you’ll only be spending money on clicks (visitors) which are highly targeted. Yes, you will likely have to put some money up-front for creative, but over the run of your campaigns this is money that you’re very likely to make up.

If you’re new to re-marketing and not sure exactly what it’s all about, it’s basically targeting people within the GDN who have already expressed interest in your products or services. When someone comes to your site, you can tag them through a cookie with which you can use to remarket to them later. This allows you to show targeted ads to visitors who have viewed a specific page, or even those that dropped out of the funnel before completing a conversion. You can see how effective a campaign could be which focuses on these visitors.

For many, the GDN might seem like an unaffordable luxury when on a limited budget. Because of the return you can get from re-marketing campaigns, it is something that should always be considered before dropping the Display Network.