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A couple of weeks ago we provided a list of PPC Management Tools. This week we’ve decided to expand on that idea, but this time we want to focus on tools for an SEO Audit.

Below is compilation of different, useful tools. It is important to keep in mind that these tools just provide data for SEO experts. The most important part of SEO Audit is human interpretation of compiled information. The tools just help to save time and keep mind free of routine data mining tasks.

A. Desktop Tools

Xenu’s Link Sleuth

  • emulates the spidering by the search engines
  • helps identify broken links and redirects


  • emulates the spidering by the search engines
  • helps identify broken links and redirects

B. Online Tools

Yahoo Site Explorer (Now Defunct)

  • helps review/analyze list of cashed pages
  • helps review/analyze inbound links


  • link popularity checker
  • backlink analysis tool

LinkDiagnosis (Defunct)

  • helps analyze link profile

Webconfs HTTP/HTTPS Header Check

  • helps inspect the HTTP/HTTPS headers

Webconfs Similar Page Checker

  • helps identify uniqueness level of text content

Webconfs Domain Stats Tool

  • provides some domain related stats

SEO Browser

  • shows the page as the search engines would see it

WHOIS Lookup Tool

  • helps review WHOIS information including domain age

Google Webmaster Tools

  • shows issue found by Google

Bing Webmaster Tools

  • shows some stats (crawling, links, etc)

Xinu Returns (Defunct)

  • shows different website related stats

C. Firefox Add-Ons

User Agent Switcher (Defunct)

  • emulate different user agents (search engine spiders, mobile devices, etc)
  • helps identify cloaking

SEO for Firefox

  • provides SEO snapshot of the page in SEO XRay Tool
  • provides quick site/page information in Lookup Tool


  • helps inspect HTML code

FoxyProxy (Defunct)

  • helps review websites with IP based content serving (multi-language sites, etc)

Live HTTP Header

  • helps capture and analyze server header responses


  • helps analyze size of different elements on the page (images, CSS code, text/html, etc)


  • helps review Google search results in different geographical locations

SEO Quake

  • shows different website related stats


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