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This week we figured that we’d take a break from PPC Pre-Campaign Research with Google Analytics to bring you something special: 50 pay-per-click tools to help you setup new PPC campaigns, optimize existing campaigns and increase your conversions.

A. Keyword Research Tools

1. Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Keywords research tool integrated with Google AdWords


2. Microsoft AdCenter Labs

Keyword Mutation Detection, Online Commercial Intention Detection, etc


3. Wordtracker

Keyword research tool with many features.

7-day free trial, then $69 per month

4. Trellian Keyword Discovery

Keyword research tool with spelling mistake research and seasonal search trends.

Free trial, then from $69.50 per month or from $5

99.40 per year

5. Wordstream

Keyword research tool with Google AdWords integration, alerts and Quality Score management tools

Free trial, then from $299 per month

6. Keyword Lizard

Keyword permutation tool to create combinations based on your keyword lists.


7. SpeedPPC

Suite of tools to build the anatomy of a paid search campaign


8. Keyword Country

Keyword mining tool.

$49 per month or $299 per year


Tool to build lists of long-tail keywords.

Contact for pricing

10. Google Search Based Keyword Tool

Gap analysis to compare content of the website against Google search queries.


11. Google Wonder Wheel

Tool for keyword research brainstorming.


12. Google Suggest Results

Provides ideas for keyword research brainstorming


13. Soovle

Provides search suggestions around specific intents (buying, looking for product reviews, etc)


14. Epiar Negative Keyword Lists (NKL)

Generate powerful lists of negative keywords

From $395

15. Keyword Mixer

Create different combinations and variations of keywords


16. 5MinuteSite

Generate lists of local keywords


B. Competitive Analysis Tools

1. Compete

Helps monitor competitors online performance and discover new streams of traffic.

From $199 per month

2. SpyFu

Provides competitive insights on keywords and PPC strategy

FREE, more functionality from $69.95 per month

3. SEMRush

Competition research tool to analyze traffic, keywords, etc.

From $49.95 per month

4. iSpionage

Helps analyze competitors’ top performing keywords and ad copies

From $59 per month

5. The Search Monitor

Helps analyze competitors’ paid search strategy

From $99 per month

6. AdGooroo

Helps analyze competitors’ paid search strategy

$499 per month or $4,389 per year

C. Landing Page Creation Tools

1. Unbounce

Do-it-yourself landing page platform to create, publish and optimize landing pages without I.T.

From $25 per month

2. LiveBall

Helps produce and launch multi-page landing experiences such as micro-sites without I.T.

Contact for pricing

D. Account Management Tools

1. Google AdWords Editor

Application for managing Google AdWords account


2. Microsoft adCenter Desktop

Application for managing Microsoft AdCenter accounts


3. Marin Software

The enterprise-class paid search management platform

2% – 4,5% of managed monthly search spending

4. ClickEquitions

Paid search platform for large advertisers and agencies.

From $2,000 per month

5. Acquisio

Paid search management platform

1.25% – 5% of managed monthly search spend

6. Kenshoo

Paid search management platform

Contact for pricing

7. Omniture (Adobe) SearchCenter

Good choice for websites with Omniture SiteCatalyst installed

Contact for pricing

E. Display Network Tools

1. Google AdPlanner

Helps identify website to target right audience and build media plans.


2. Microsoft AdCenter Labs

Set of tools for audience research and analysis


3. Aperture

Audience targeting and measurement platform.

Contact for pricing

F. Measurement Tools

1. Google Analytics

Web analytics platform


2. ClickPath

Solution to link the call data to the originating ad sources

Contact for pricing

3. RevTrax

Cross-channel analytics platform to connect on-line promotions with in-store sales

Contact for pricing

4. Coremetrics Analytics

Web analytics platform

Contact for pricing

5. Webtrends Analytics

Web analytics platform for different traffic channels including mobile and social media

Contact for pricing

6. Unica Web Analytics

Web analytics platform

Contact for pricing

G. Quality Assurance

1. KnowClick

Get insights on traffic quality and feedback from your visitors

Contact for pricing

2. iPerception

Customer satisfaction measurement tools

Contact for pricing

3. 4Q Online Survey

Customer satisfaction survey tool


4. ForeSee Results

Customer satisfaction analytics

Contact for pricing

5. UserTesting

Web usability testing services

$39 per one user tester

H. Remarketing/Retargeting

1. Google AdWords Remarketing Features

Retargeting capabilities within Google AdWords


2. FetchBack

Retargeting solutions

Contact for pricing

3. Magnetic

Solution for search retargeting campaigns.

Contact for pricing

I. Other Tools

1. Google AdWords Ad Preview Tool

Preview Google AdWords ads in search results with different options



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