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If you spend a significant amount of time on Digg, or any site for that matter, then most likely you’ve come across little things that you wish you could change or tweak. If that’s the case then the Greasemonkey extension for Firefox may just be the perfect solution for your problems. Greasemonkey allows you to install little bits of javascript that can be used to customize your experience of any site that you visit.

Below we’ve compiled some of the many scripts written for Digg.
To make use of these scripts you will of course need to download both Firefox and Greasemonkey, if you don’t already have them installed.

Digg Filter  Adds a small form field to the Digg header. You can then enter a comma-separated list of keywords and/or usernames to filter out.

Digg Add Mirrors  Gives you links to DuggMirror, Coral Cache, DuggBack and wayback machine. These come in real handy when a site goes down due to the Digg Effect.

Digg Comment Enhancer – Displays image links and youtube videos directly in the digg comments, saving you the hassle of clicking through.

Digg Top 10 Direct  Replaces the Top 10 sidebar links, which normally link to the Digg comment pages, with links directly to the articles.

Digg Rating Extender – Shows both the up and down diggs as well as the total rating for comments.

Search Most Dugg Stories  Changes the default sorting when searching to most dugg stories.

Digg Search Replaced by a Google CSE  Allows you to alternate between the default Digg search and a custom Google search engine with hierarchical categories.

Digg Button Animation Enabler – Prevents you from being redirected to when pressing the Digg button on an article that includes one, so you can Digg it and keep reading.

Digg Me Later  Read the article and easily Digg it later, even if you close the page on Digg.  Adds a button that allows you to easily save the article to