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Dashboard Best Practices

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For many organizations, even those with sophisticated tools and practices, getting the right data, and more importantly, the insights – to the right people at the right time is difficult.  With multiple stakeholders, various data sources, and the ever increasing … Read Full Post

Marketer’s Guide to Digital Dashboards- Webinar Q&A

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In our most recent webinar, Marketer’s Guide to Digital Dashboards, Cardinal Path’s panel of experts, which included Charlotte Bourne, Mark Tallman, and special guest Stephane Hamel, shared insights into some of the most common reasons why so many dashboards fail, … Read Full Post

Data Driven Attribution or Media Mix Modelling?


Data Driven Attribution and Media Mix Modelling (MMM) both help marketers understand marketing channel performance and return on investment. While it’s true that both help to measure marketing success, they differ in their data requirements and capabilities. If you are … Read Full Post

How to design dashboards that people will actually use

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Finding a data visualization solution that satisfies the needs of stakeholders can be a real issue for many organizations. Oftentimes, the effort, time, and money invested in dashboards only results in disappointment and frustration. In order for a dashboard to … Read Full Post

Attribution & Goodhart’s Law

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“When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.” – Goodhart’s Law Goodhart’s Law reminds us that oftentimes, setting a target (such as a KPI),  can change the way in which people work toward the goals … Read Full Post

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