5 Reasons why you should be taking advantage of the integrated Google Analytics 360 Suite

Google Analytics 360 is Google’s digital analytics tool for enterprise. However, Analytics 360 is only one of the 360 tools within the Google 360 Suite. The products that make up the 360 Suite are: Tag Manager 360 Attribution 360 Optimize 360 Audience Center 360 Data Studio 360 Utilizing all of the 360 products simultaneously is … Read Full Post

[New video!] Interview with Paul Pellman, Director, Google Analytics 360

We sat down with Paul Pellman, Director of Google Analytics 360, to ask him about Google’s premium platform and  how the 360 Suite of advanced analytics tools are transforming the modern marketing landscape.  To find out more about how Cardinal Path’s industry leading analytics experts can help you get the most out of the Google … Read Full Post

Google Analytics 360 & the move to enterprise analytics. Webinar Q & A

Whether you deliver insights and analysis, or drive your organization’s digital marketing, you probably rely on digital analyics as part of your toolkit. In our latest webinar “Google Analytics 360 & the move to enterprise analytics”, hosted by Marketing Land, experts from Cardinal Path and Google discuss how the move to enterprise analytics and the powerful tools … Read Full Post

Google Marketing Next Conference- register for live stream

On May 22nd through to May 24th, Google’s senior leaders will take to the stage in San Francisco for the Google Marketing Next conference to reveal upcoming product innovations that will help organizations to transform their business. By participating in this conference with digital marketing leaders from around the world to explore the future of … Read Full Post

4 ways to measure and realize the value in your content

Content is a key component to managing brand perceptions and creating brand value. Studies have shown that content has a better recall value for consumers than other forms of advertising, and it’s also a very cost-effective marketing strategy. But many organizations have trouble measuring the value of their content across all channels. So, what is … Read Full Post

Benchmark Your Marketing Analytics Maturity

See how your marketing analytics performs against thousands of organizations. (Approx. 5 minutes).