How to Ramp Up your Media Measurement

Cardinal Path’s David Booth outlines five key areas that marketers can address to start optimizing their media investments, and demonstrating ROI: Measurement Testing, personalization & optimization Attribution Modeling Accountability through governance This MarTech Today article gives actionable advice for kickstarting any media measurement program.

The Importance of Cost Data in Getting Attribution Right

As marketers continue to grapple with assessing every channel and marketing touchpoint, it’s important to note — attribution data needs context to be fully actionable. Whether you’re using rule-based attribution where all credit is assigned to a channel depending on its position in the conversion path, or data-driven attribution, where credit is fairly attributed to … Read Full Post

Google Tag Manager 360 – Webinar Q&A and Recap

In the latest event in our Google Analytics 360 webinar series, Tag Manager 360 product manager, Scott Herman, joined me for an engaging session on Google’s powerful  platform for effectively tracking and accelerating campaigns. Faster campaign deployment and improved site performance are just a couple of reasons that advanced marketers are adopting tag management systems … Read Full Post

5 Areas where Enhanced Ecommerce Provides Deeper Insights

Even with the remarkable rise of online retail enhanced ecommerce is designed to keep pace. It’s fair to say there are five main benefits that enhanced ecommerce enables merchants to understand and take advantage of Google Analytics (GA) to provide deeper insights into their customer’s journey. They are: shopping/purchasing behavior, ecommerce performance, merchandising performance, product attribution, … Read Full Post

Data Studio Playbook: Tapping into Google’s Next-level Data Visualization Tool

When it comes to proving marketing ROI and communicating program performance, traditional reporting approaches often lack the context and takeaways that will persuade stakeholders and drive action. Yet 97% of analytics and marketing professionals still use spreadsheets (Use Marketing Dashboards to Uncover Customers’ Behavior, Forrester, 2016). Meanwhile, marketers have started tapping into tools like dashboards … Read Full Post

Benchmark Your Marketing Analytics Maturity

See how your marketing analytics performs against thousands of organizations. (Approx. 5 minutes).