Four Factors You Should Consider for Winning at Personalization

With the ongoing emphasis on personalization for delivering a differentiated customer experience, greater accessibility and affordability of relevant tools is no coincidence. Even the typical challenges of a solution deployment are more easily overcome. That said, a personalization initiative, like all significant digital marketing efforts, should not be taken lightly. Your technology stack and any … Read Full Post

Attribution 360 – Webinar Q&A Recap

Judging from our webinar poll results, the challenges of marketing attribution continue to plague digital and traditional marketers alike. The state of digital has created a disconnect whereby customer experience is a top priority, yet very few have an advanced understanding of their user journey. In this week’s webinar, Google and Cardinal Path joined forces … Read Full Post

To Optimize or Not Optimize – That is the Question

Change is a good thing… right? When it comes to Google AdWords, one change within the AdWords platform is coming this fall, as sure as the changing seasons — one that will impact the rotation of your ad copy, as recently announced on their blog. As providers of Google AdWords training, the team at Cardinal … Read Full Post

Google’s Chrome Warnings and What it Means for Conversions and Engagement

In an announcement last April, Google unveiled new efforts to provide more secure browsing experiences within Chrome with the use of a warning message in their new browser, Chrome 62. Image Source: Google Sites that have not fully migrated to an HTTPS experience will be impacted if they have text based or password based input on … Read Full Post

How to Ramp Up your Media Measurement

Cardinal Path’s David Booth outlines five key areas that marketers can address to start optimizing their media investments, and demonstrating ROI: Measurement Testing, personalization & optimization Attribution Modeling Accountability through governance This MarTech Today article gives actionable advice for kickstarting any media measurement program.

Benchmark Your Marketing Analytics Maturity

See how your marketing analytics performs against thousands of organizations. (Approx. 5 minutes).