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Cardinal Path POV: Summarizing Google’s Key Product Updates

Cardinal Path Point of View: Ad Blocking

At the recent 2016 Google Performance Summit, we heard a number of announcements around Google’s advertising and analytics platforms. We’ve honed in on the analytics updates with a summary of what’s new and what’s ahead.   Some of the Google … Read Full Post

Advanced Click Tracking with Dynamic Tag Manager


Overview Dynamic Tag Manager makes it simple to set attributes based on the element which is clicked. While this generally satisfies most click tracking needs, there comes a time when advanced tracking is required in order to pass specific data … Read Full Post

Forecasting with Machine Learning Techniques

For Forecsating Forecast spend and revenue

Forecasting is everywhere. For years, people have been forecasting weather patterns, economic and political events, sports outcomes, and more. Because we try to predict so many different events, there are a wide variety of ways in which forecasts can be … Read Full Post

The Neglected Step-Child of Analytics: Data Integrity

Smash, Stop Making Analytics So Hard

The Scenario You have invested many months and hundreds of thousands of dollars on hiring the right talent, marketing the analytics program internally, partnering with agencies, redesigning websites, launching mobile apps, and configuring an analytics platform. Yet, you still cannot … Read Full Post

Cardinal Path at the GPeC Summit: Interview with Alex Langshur on Customer Engagement & LTV


Cardinal Path Co-Founder and Senior Partner, Alex Langshur, participated in the recent GPeC Summit as a keynote speaker. GPeC’s official reporter Andra Zaharia caught up with him to discuss the importance of client engagement and customer lifetime value, and how … Read Full Post

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