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Webinar – Marketer’s Guide to Data Activation: Practical Steps towards Digital Maturity

Marketing Technology Explostion

If you’re like most marketers, you are challenged to keep up with the advances in marketing technologies and techniques. The digital marketing landscape is more complex today than ever, and it’s no wonder so many marketers are  overwhelmed by the … Read Full Post

Customizing Ads with AdWords’ Countdown Function

Google Ad Countdown cropped

Customization is key with marketing and Google AdWords has some incredible tools that allow advertisers to quickly tailor the messaging of ads to drive action. One of my favorites is the countdown function, which automatically updates ads to let customers … Read Full Post

How to Drive Value From a Data Management Platform

David Booth, Cardinal Path

DMPs are at the top of many marketers’ technology wish lists. They promise to dramatically increase conversion rates while lowering media and data costs by unifying data and identifying and targeting the right audiences. They help organizations deliver a consistent … Read Full Post

Data Management Platforms: Webinar Q&A

Data Management Platform

Data Management Platforms (DMPs) unify online and offline data from any source to help you understand customer behavior across every touchpoint – including owned and paid channels.  A recent Cardinal Path webinar featuring Corey Koberg, Cardinal Path’s Co-Founder and Senior Partner, and Jonathan Flander, … Read Full Post

How can publishers use their analytics data to save themselves?

Life saver

Continuously dropping advertising rates are the reason why so many print magazines and newspapers are struggling and disappearing from the media landscape. Publishers themselves have played a big role in the decline of ad prices by not making enough of … Read Full Post

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