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Google DoubleClick Announcement Overview


Google’s Paul Muret, VP Display, Video & Analytics, was the keynote speaker at Google DoubleClick’s Leadership Summit this morning, an annual gathering of large advertiser, agency, and publisher clients. In his presentation, he shared updates about new innovations on the … Read Full Post

Using purchase intent analysis to assess actual dollar value of digital actions

Image source: Pixabay

Purchase intent is an exciting new tool in the predictive analytics bag. A purchase intent analysis is a statistically modeled approach to assessing the actual dollar value of digital actions and touch points. It involves compiling data from a variety … Read Full Post

Mobile Research and App Usage in Brick-and-Mortar Retail Stores

Omnichannel report chart, cropped

Smart consumers use their mobile devices to check for in-store coupons and discounts, and to read product reviews. This poses a real  threat to retail stores, as it enables shoppers visiting brick-and-mortar locations to compare  the competition’s selection and prices … Read Full Post

Getting Your Feet Wet with Google Shopping Feed Rules

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Google Merchant Center has recently rolled out an awesome new feature called ‘Feed Rules’. Feed Rules makes the transition from your inventory management system to your Merchant Center feed quick, seamless, and increasingly automated (especially if you are utilizing the … Read Full Post

How to Keep Referral Spam and Bots out of Your Analytics Data


There are both good and bad people in the world of the internet… And, like always, some of the good guys spend a lot of their time trying to figure out how to stop the bad guys from causing trouble. … Read Full Post

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