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Data Science in 2016- Cardinal Path’s Favorite R Packages

The members of our data science team here at Cardinal Path are frequent users of R – and tend to favor it more so than any other programming language out there today. Since R was designed for statistical analysis, it has a a … Read Full Post

Sharing Your R Code

I’ve written a couple of posts in the past about the programming language ‘R’, which is used to help predict outcomes and measure the impact of certain actions on your business goals. R also very useful in making large tasks … Read Full Post

Choosing the right error metric for your predictive model

In this post, a member of the Cardinal Path’s Data Science team, Danika Law, explains why selecting the right error metric for your business problem is so crucial. In the early project phases of running a dashboard or predictive model, … Read Full Post

Cardinal Path Training Series: 10 reasons to update your skills before the new year

Our Cardinal Path Training sessions are designed to give you the knowledge you need to become Google AdWords or Google Analytics proficient. We’ve helped thousands of marketers– from self-taught sole proprietors to Fortune 500 brand veterans– gain the skills, knowledge, … Read Full Post

7 Trends to Shape Your Digital Marketing Efforts in 2017

What don’t you know about digital marketing? A lot. A major challenge for CMOs for 2017 will be in fully understanding the MarTech Landscape. We all know that technology is transforming marketing faster than ever before– and we need to be agile … Read Full Post

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