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How enhanced the customer experience through cross-channel digital insights

Nevada Commission on Tourism

The Nevada Commission on Tourism (NCOT) has one simple goal: to drive tourists and travelers to the state of Nevada. While the lights of the Las Vegas Strip provide a compelling global beacon, the state’s hotels, resorts and other tourism-driven … Read Full Post

Getting Started in your Web Analytics Career

Sikoursky Tenebro

Are you interested in getting into web analytics? Have you googled the term “web analytics career,” found Avinash’s blog posts ‘’Web analytics Career Guide from Zero to Hero’’ and “Analytics Career Advice: Technical & Business Rules,” and had your interest … Read Full Post

Give Your Data Context with a Solid KPI Framework

KPI Framework

Nick Iyengar, Marketing Land columnist and Associate Director of Digital Intelligence at Cardinal Path, highlights the importance of bringing clarity to the chaos of your data through a KPI Framework in his latest article. It’s not enough to collect data, … Read Full Post

3 Changes That Will Re-make Your Analytics

3 changes that will re-make your analytics

Cardinal Path consultant, industry thought leader, author and co-founder of the Digital Analytics Association, Andrew Edwards discusses the importance of moving to a tag management system paired with a data layer in his latest ClickZ article. Using a TMS removes … Read Full Post

Luxury on the Web – Rankings, Data, and Analysis of the World’s Largest Luxury E-Retailers

Luxury on the web

According to a report published in October by, luxury e-retailers are growing considerably faster than other retail web sites in North America and Europe. In the process, they are “creating new pathways to ecommerce growth by booking average orders … Read Full Post

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