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Omnichannel Marketing Webinar Q&A

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  While 86% of marketers agree that the benefits of an omnichannel approach to customer experience outweigh the challenges of implementing such an approach, only 16% of businesses say that they are meeting needs for consumer experience via omnichannel, according to a December … Read Full Post

Tips for Going Beyond A/B Testing and Into Personalization

Nick Iyengar Associate Director of Digital Intelligence

Organizations that want to go beyond analyzing and learning from their data and into putting their data to action are progressing from traditional A/B testing into personalization of their marketing content. While “personalization” can sound intimidating to marketers because it may … Read Full Post

10 Google Tag Manager Questions That We Get Asked Most Often

Tag Management Systems (TMS)

We explored the business and the technical considerations and benefits of implementing a Tag Management System (TMS) in a webinar that you can watch on-demand as well as in the blog post that answered the great questions that the webinar … Read Full Post

Webinar: Increase the Value of Your Customers with Omnichannel Marketing


Studies show that shoppers who buy in-store as well as online have a 30% higher lifetime value than those who shop using only one channel. Omnichannel is about more than just cross-channel marketing. It’s really about cross-channel marketing done right, … Read Full Post

Effective Data Analysis: Avoid the Rabbit Holes

Smash, Stop Making Analytics So Hard

Rabbits have a natural tendency to dig holes to provide a hiding place or to keep cool in hot weather or warm on chilly days. Many homeowners get extremely frustrated when trying to find the culprit or when trying to … Read Full Post

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