Purchase Intent Analysis

A solid line between website actions and revenues

What are the most meaningful, revenue-driving online actions that take place during the customer’s path to purchase? If a visitor takes action on your website – subscribes to a newsletter, views store locations, or watches a video- how much are these actions worth, in dollars? Purchase intent answers this question by combining the probability that a consumer will purchase a product (based on website actions) with a quantified dollar value for that action.


  • Optimize campaigns towards high-value website actions that are highly predictive of future revenue (on- & off-line)
  • Identify preset targets for your media agencies, giving clear direction for optimized media buys
  • Continuous optimization in areas w/best ROI by using insights to guide testing plans
  • Personalized across all assets to create future value

Deliverable: Outputs include quantified values (in dollars) of the expected revenue or profit value predicted by specific website actions. A report detailing the predicted revenue associated with specific website actions.

*Prices may vary, based on scope
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