This is our first week with everyone back on task. Shorter round-up, again, since most of our staff has been away.

 Internet Marketing and SEO

  • We start this week with SearchEngineLand I’ve been saying for a while: you need social media marketing. While I think they’re wrong on a few points (I don’t buy that the era of the little guy ranking well is coming to an end), their central point is right on: SEO in its classic forms is changing, and content and engagement are finally becoming the center-point to internet marketing (as they always should have been).
  • New to the round-up, PluginHQ has a simple but clever means of increasing RSS subscribers: point to your RSS button. Doing this gained him a 10% subscriber rate for the next 300 visitors. While the article is pretty low level, it is a wonderful reminder of how simply reminding your viewers that an option is there and pointing them towards it can make a huge difference, even if over all you are just reminding them of something they already know.
  • The last in our SEO section for the week, SearchEngineJournal reminds us that internet readers are still lazy, and still love lists. I can attest to this, two of our best performing blog posts are lists. No wonder so many authors are misanthropes.

 Web Development

  • NETTUTS this week has a nice article on CSS blueprints. They provide some nice guidelines to implementing CSS blueprints. Fantastic for beginers and even experienced developers who just need t osave some time.
  • Another NETTUTS, this time on creating secure PHP applications. Basic stuff but good for PHP neophytes like me.

 Web Analytics

 Miscellaneous links of the week: