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The Yahoo Search Marketing desktop tool had been a long time coming when it was released last fall, yet is lacked a few key features we had become accustomed to in the other PPC desktop tools. If you have not used it much since the release, you may not know that Yahoo has been adding features with each upgrade. 

These new features are  designed to make the management process of your Yahoo! Search Marketing accounts more efficient. The most recent release includes some very useful features that can cut the time spent managing and optimizing your accounts significantly.

1. Cut / Copy / Paste
You can now cut, copy and paste keywords, ads and adgroups by right clicking and selecting the option you want from the menu or by using short- cut keys.

2. Revert Changes
A new “Revert All” function lets you undo everything you did or undo just a few selected changes.

3. File Import
Importing a campaign or an entire account from Google AdWords is an easy 1 – 2 – 3 process now. 1 – Download from AdWords editor 2- Upload into Yahoo Search Marketing desktop 3 – Post changes.

As the Yahoo Search Marketing desktop tool gets more robust through the addition of features such as these, it can save considerable time in your PPC management.


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