The most surprising insight gained from our report on the State of Digital Marketing Analytics in the Top 500 Online Retailers was that fully 42% of those retailers do not appear to be using a Tag Management System (TMS). The reasons were examined by our in-house experts during a lively webinar panel discussion. Now, Nick Iyengar, a co-author of the report, provides his own in-depth thoughts about this low adoption rate in a new article for Marketing Land.

Tag Management Systems (TMS)
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Why Tag Management Is The Way Forward in 2016, Nick outlines how many large retailers are “concluding that the costs (or perceived costs) of a TMS exceed the benefits.” The real and perceived concerns include:

  • improper deployment of a tag could cause an issue on the front end
  • a TMS creates a single point of failure on a website
  • implementing a TMS is too long, too expensive, or too difficult

Read the full article on Marketing Land to learn more and find out why adopting a TMS is the way forward in 2016.