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The new interface been getting you down? Don’t know where to find the data you used to know and love? Over at Cardinal Path we’ve put together a handy table for you to reference whenever you need to know where your old report now resides. Sadly, the narrow format of this blog can make it hard to read, so I have included the below table in PDF.

Map Overlay
New vs Returning
Visitor Trending
Visitor Loyalty
Browser Capabilities
Network Properties
User Defined
Custom Variables
Direct Traffic, Referring Sites, Campaigns and All Traffic Sources
Search Engines
Top Content, Content by Title
Content Drill Down, Top Landing Pages, Top Exit Pages
In-Page Analytics
Site Search
Total Conversions, Conversion Rate, Goal Value
Goal Verification
Reverse Goal Path
Goal Abandonment Funnel
Funnel Visualization
Custom Reports
Advanced Segments

Old Report TitleWhere/What It Is NowNotes
DashboardDashboard tabThe dashboard is in its own tab now, signifying that you now have access to multiple dashboards.
IntelligenceMy Site > IntelligenceIntelligence has been moved next to reports under the “my site” tab.
Map overlay..Visitors > Demographics >LocationMap overlay has had its name changed to Location, and has been moved into the “demographics” sub-menu.
New vs Returning..Visitors > New vs ReturningNaturally, New vs Returning has been grouped under behavior. Sensible, no?
Languages..Visitors > Demographics > LanguagesLanguages have been grouped under demographics, obviously.
Visitor TrendingnoneAll of these metrics are now available in other reports, but have no particular reports of their own. These include:

  • Pageviews
  • Average Pageviews
  • Time on Site
  • Bounce Rate

Oddly, Absolute Unique Visitors doesnt appear to be available.

Visitor LoyaltyBehaviorVisitor loyalty is now spread between several reports under the nomicer of “behavior”. These include “New & Returning”, “Frequency & Recency”, and “Engagement”. Each of these then have multiple “viewing options” which can expose page depths and what not.
Browser CapabilitiesTechnology > Browser & OSThese reports have been largely grouped together into a single Browsers & OS report which contains screen resolution, colors, flash, and java support.
Network PropertiesTechnology > NetworkNetwork properties are now found in the aforementioned browser capabilities report, under “network”
MobileTechnology > MobileMobile properties are now found in the aforementioned browser capabilities report, under “Mobile”
User DefinedDemographics > User DefinedNot a lot has changed here, though I question the logic of including User Defined under demographics.
Custom VariablesDemographics > Custom variablesAgain, not a lot has changed here, though I question the logic of including this under demographics.
Traffic Sources
Direct Traffic, Referring Sites, Campaigns and All Traffic SourcesIncoming Sources > [each report]These three reports are now grouped under “incoming sources”, along with Search.
Search EnginesIncoming Sources > SearchThis is now a group split between an overview report, organic (in reference to traffic from search results, basically this is the keyword report), and paid (adwords, etc.).
AdwordsAdwordsAdwords has been moved into its own section, and now has a lot more reports. Along with Adwords Campaigns, Keyword Positions, and TV Campaigns (now TV Ads), you have an adwrod specific keywords report, day parts, destination UTL’s and placements.
KeywordsIncoming Sources > Search > Organic and Adwords > KeywordsKeywords from unpaid search traffic have been moved under the moniker of “organic”. Adwords keywords are now under Adwords > Keywords. Makes sense, no?
Top Content, Content by TitleSite content > PagesA change in name to designate that you can now sort by top content, page title and other metrics.
Content Drill Down, Top Landing Pages, Top Exit PagesSite Content > [report title]Not much has changed here.
In-Page AnalyticsNoneAs far as I can tell, this is gone.
Site SearchSite SearchThis is now split into overview, usage, terms and pages reports.
Total Conversions, Conversion Rate, Goal ValueNoneThese reports appear to be gone. However, you can get all of this information from the overview page.
Goal VerificationGoal URLs (?)Not 100% about this to be honest. The same functions appear to be there, but the interface has changed a bit.
Reverse Goal PathReverse Goal PathPretty much exactly as before
Goal Abandonment FunnelNoneThis appears to be gone. You can find some of this information in the Funnel Visualization report.
Funnel VisualizationFunnel VisualizationThis has barely changed.
My Customizations
Custom ReportsCustom Reports TabCustom Reports have been completely redesigned to be even more powerful. They now have their own tab next to Dashboards and My Site
Advanced SegmentsAdvanced SegmentsThese are now available from nearly any report in the expandable “Advanced Segments” tab.
IntelligenceMy Site > IntelligenceThis now has its own sub-tab next to reports under “my site”