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Vancouver is rich and warm again, about time. And with the weather comes a rich week for quality posts on SEO, technology, and UX. We’ve got some doozies, including newly granted Google patents, working around web application exploits, and more.

  Internet Marketing and SEO
  • We start the week with Mediadonis on why a link isn’t just a link any more. In this post he discusses how a 2004 patent by Google that just got granted is going to change the way that Google deals with links.
  • Next up Mailchimp with  a wonderful example of email marketing reminiscent of my “lessons from the little guys” posts. Bonobos shorts, discontented with their weekly gorgeous email campaign, decided to implement an “exclusive” email list.
  • CSS tricks has a great, well, CSS trick. It ends up that with a “pointer-events:none;” rule , you can disable a link on a page. Why would you want to do this? I can think of all sorts of reasons, but theirs is as good as any: you can build a navigation system across a site, then, with a single rule per page, turn off any links that point to the page that the visitor is currently viewing, boosting your user experience and reducing potential page loads.
  • Something cool this week: web application exploits and how to defend against them. This codelab provides hands on examples of how to break and patch the security of web applications, allowing you to learn all about potential vulnerabilities.
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