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This week we’ve rolled out a new service in response to the overwhelming need we’ve seen recently for a solid email marketing solution that allows for easy management, conversion testing, and perhaps most importantly, industry leading deliverability.


Frustrations with the management and legal aspects of opt-in list management are commonplace these days, and being able to perform A/B/N split testing and multivariate testing on your email blasts is becoming a necessity in the online marketing world. And once the mails are sent, keeping your email broadcasts out of the SPAM filters has become a problem that requires an entire department to manage.

We’re proud to offer our clients access to a system that can address all of these concerns and more – and has been helping businesses for more than 6 years and boasts over 10,000 users around the world. Depending upon your level of expertise or customization, we offer services from complete self-service email marketing to advanced services such as statistical experiment design and analysis of individual email broadcasts.

If you’re already doing email marketing, then you know that mailing lists, newsletters, email blasts, and customer communications can mean a big boost to your website’s ROI, and using professional hosting can help you make sure that you’re getting the most out of these efforts.

If you haven’t yet explored the powerful tool of email marketing, then what are you waiting for? You could be reaching your customer base and tapping into a fantastic

source of traffic and conversions for just pennies per email!

Find out more about WebShare’s (now Cardinal Path) email marketing solutions and contact us when you’re ready to take your email marketing efforts to the next level.